Thursday, 29 September 2011

Trading card

This is a very simple piece i've worked on for university, the brief given was to create a "football trading card" however we must produce it based on ourselves , this will simply be the image for the front of the card, although i'm not completely centered and covering the majority of the image i believe that i'm still recognisable enough, i wanted to focus the card on my design work.

The card is being used to show the type of person you are and what your interests involve, i believe that this reflects on my hobbies as well as one of my styles of design.
Design started off as a hobby for me, it then began earning me money and my name getting spread around both the north east of england and the london / reading area's, it's also connected me to people in canada and america, so design has become a big part of my life.

The design faded into the background was well thought of, I decided upon this due to the meaning behind it, "I'm just a dreamer at heart" I have big dreams I'm aiming to achieve and i like to think this shows how serious about achieving my goals i am.

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