Monday, 12 December 2011

Letter forms finished video!

Letterforms matter from mike oraw on Vimeo.
Letterforms matter a Mike O'Raw creation.

My letterform images

Yes I actually have some letterform images to show! All of the images below were self taken and edited / cropped to the desired size and framing. Unfortunately I don't have a camera capable of taking high quality images so I really had to rely on my editing abilities. But check them out!

Friday, 30 September 2011

The soldier in the trees

As a part of our illustration module we were asked to produce two illustrative piece's based on two short stories, i've produced the design for the first, titled "the soldier in the trees".

Below is the original sketch.

I then went on to line the image digitally, using adobe illustrator. 

After doing this i decided to add some colour, although the brief states it was to be in black and white, i would then change it to black and white.

Below is the final version.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Trading card

This is a very simple piece i've worked on for university, the brief given was to create a "football trading card" however we must produce it based on ourselves , this will simply be the image for the front of the card, although i'm not completely centered and covering the majority of the image i believe that i'm still recognisable enough, i wanted to focus the card on my design work.

The card is being used to show the type of person you are and what your interests involve, i believe that this reflects on my hobbies as well as one of my styles of design.
Design started off as a hobby for me, it then began earning me money and my name getting spread around both the north east of england and the london / reading area's, it's also connected me to people in canada and america, so design has become a big part of my life.

The design faded into the background was well thought of, I decided upon this due to the meaning behind it, "I'm just a dreamer at heart" I have big dreams I'm aiming to achieve and i like to think this shows how serious about achieving my goals i am.